The Big Four

The “Big Four” were key in placing the T206 collection on the map. Each is extraordinary in its own right, however it is the Honus Wagner, often referred to as the “Holy Grail” of card collecting which stands out at as the shining star of the group. Its rarity cannot be overstated and every example which comes to market carries with it the potential to shatter records.

Hall of Fame south paw Eddie Plank is another spectacular rarity in the set and it is considered to be one of the greatest treasures which a T206 collector can own. Then we have Sherry Magee, with a simple misspelling of “Magie” accounting for this rarity and what is considered to be a very high end item in the T206 world. There is however another printing error which stands out as the greatest rarity of the famed “Big Four” – the Joe Doyle – NY Natl variation. There have been only a small handful to surface of this variation which mistakeingly places a “Natl” designation on the front when it is most commonly found blank for this player. Its rarity is in fact far greater than that of the great Honus Wagner card making for a spectacular competition and the potential of record setting prices when the card comes to market.

These four T206 marvels account for the iconic “Big Four” of the collection.

Honus Wagner (HOF); Eddie Plank (HOF); Joe Doyle – NY Natl.; Sherry Magee – Magie variation

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