*** Joe Doyle – National League variation (An Immense T206 Rarity!) ***




Whether the discussion is centered around stamps, coins, records, collectible trading cards, or any number of other collectible genres, the instances of items being produced with errors are often a popular topic of conversation. What can take the level of importance in such situations to an entirely different stratosphere is when said errors are corrected and are done so in a timely manner, resulting in only the smallest amount of erroneous product being issued. It is this such circumstance which creates spectacular and unquestionable rarity for a variety of collectibles and the law of supply and demand are shown to be quite applicable to those attempting to acquire the item for their own archives.

As collectors of the T206 issue are well aware, the set is no stranger to such rarities. Highly elusive examples such as the spectacular Big Four, which have helped exponentially to make the T206 issue all that it is to collectors today, comprised of the most storied piece in the entire card collecting hobby, the Honus Wagner portrait, as well as Hall of Fame pitcher Eddie Plank, another example of “errors in short order” with the Sherry “Magie” variation, and of course the Joe Doyle – National League variation. Other intense rarities exist such as the Ty Cobb “King of the Smoking Tobacco World,” Brown Old Mill and Brown Lenox advertising reverses, carrying a rarity quite comparable to the most difficult to obtain T206 treasures. However, with all of this spectacular rarity being mentioned, it can absolutely be argued that it is in the fact the Joe Doyle – National League variation that carries with it the most daunting challenge for those attempting to conquer the Monster to the most complete level possible. While it is the sacred Wagner card, the Mona Lisa, the Holy Grail, which will forever stand as the unquestionable icon of the T206 Collection, the Joe Doyle – National League variation has indeed proven to carry with it a rarity far more intense than even the treasured Wagner.

Put simply, what began as an honest mistake ultimately became a thrilling collectible. You have Joe Doyle of the New York – American League, and you have Larry Doyle of the New York – National League. After quickly realizing their error of associating Joe Doyle with the National League instead of the American League, those in charge of the printing plates remedied the situation promptly by removing the league entirely from his card. What this ultimately resulted in is a seriously spectacular collectible rarity and an unquestionable T206 treasure. Though its mere survival is quite miraculous in and of itself, the example depicted being preserved so stunningly well when considering its age and rarity proves to be very fortunate for the sake of preserving T206 history.


Judd Bruce Doyle

Born: September 15, 1881 – Clay Center, KS

Died: November 21, 1947 – Tannersville, NY

Batted: RH

Threw: RH

Position: P

MLB Pitching Record: 22–21

ERA: 2.85


New York Highlanders AL (1906–1910)

Cincinnati Reds NL (1910)

Judd “Slow Joe” Doyle came up to the majors at age 24 after going 55–45 over five minor league seasons. Doyle earned his nickname from his extremely slow work on the mound and his deliberate stalling tactics. He was slow to recover from each outing as well, sometimes resting 8 to 10 days between appearances. Apparently some of that rest also came on the field’s tarp, where Doyle was known to nap occasionally during games. Doyle threw shutouts in his first two major league starts, but his best season was 1907, when he went 11–11 in 29 games (23 starts) with a 2.65 ERA. He retired from the game after his five seasons in the majors.

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