Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the T206 Society. We would like to strongly encourage you to become a member free of charge so that you will receive our email offerings and updates. To become a member simply click “Membership” on your T206 Society toolbar and provide us your basic contact information which is never, ever shared.


In the event you wish to purchase from the T206 Society, have any questions, or wish to present an offer on cards please contact us directly at t206society@gmail.com or click the purple “Enquiry” button in the card, book (buy now/ instant payment link available), or memorabilia listing and we will contact you as soon as possible. Once an agreement has been finalized you may send payment directly to the T206 Society which will be held until you have received your purchase. Delivery will be confirmed by a tracking number and signature confirmation for cards and memorabilia. There will be no Buyers Premium and all prices include shipping fees unless otherwise noted.

Refund Policy

 Refunds will only be issued in certain situations with each situation treated individually based upon the precise circumstances at hand.  For example, if the buyer of a card pays for their item and states that they “changed their mind; found another one; no longer need it” etc., their request for a refund will not be honored. However, we do recognize there are instances where a refund is appropriate. We are happy to answer any questions prior to any transaction being finalized and we will treat every situation with the upmost care at all times. We thank you sincerely for your understanding and will be happy to work with you.


 If you are interested in selling your T206 collection please email us at t206society@gmail.com


If you are interested in advertising with the T206 Society please email us at t206society@gmail.com

Additional Information

1.)  T206 Society will be listing our personal archives and we will make note of this in every listing when applicable with the following headline in the product description: ***This Listing Brought To You Courtesy Of T206 Society***

2.)  While as of 2014 we will now offer raw and ungraded cards due to popular demand please note our previous statement on the issue and understand that our hatred of fraud will always remain and that we will always do our best to keep our members as safe as possible: “All pieces must be professionally graded as we will make our very best best attempt to avoid selling any altered or counterfeit cards which may appear to be genuine to the naked eye. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we feel it is our duty to sell cards which are guaranteed to be authentic and unaltered by a professional grading company and that are clearly marked when they have in fact been altered in any way, and nothing else. At the T206 Society we are 100% against altering cards in order to deceive a prospective buyer“.

3.)  If you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent or guardians permission to conduct business with T206 Society.

4.)  Buyers outside of the United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii may be subject to additional shipping and handling fees which will be based on what the post office charges.

5.)  T206 Society reserves the right to maintain listings/ images of sold/ traded items which came from the T206 Society archives.

6.)  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if necessary.

7.) Card purchases will be sent “signature required.” T206 Society will cover this expense as part of our free shipping for our buyers. A buyer may reserve the right to forgo a “signature required” on their card purchases if they choose however this is done at their own risk and is not advised.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at t206society@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you very much. We sincerely hope our time together will be an enjoyable one.