***** “MAGIE” ERROR *****


PLAYER: Sherry Magee

VARIATION: Magie Error

TEAM: Philadelphia Phillies

LEAGUE: National

BACK: Piedmont 150 (35/39)

GRADE: PSA 3 VG (0907-5613)


One of the greatest treasures offered within the T206 issue, the elusive and highly sought after Sherry Magee “Magie” error card.  This particular example boasts tremendous beauty and is extremely well preserved.

The “Magie” error card is another wonderful example of why the T206 issue issue has been nicknamed the “Monster”. A simple mistake in the spelling of Magee’s name by the manufacturer and the subsequent correction have resulted in another spectacular rarity within the already near impossible to complete basic 524 card set. The iconic “Magie” error card is considered one of the Big Four in the T206 issue, alongside the pinnacle of baseball cards Honus Wagner, extremely scarce Hall of Fame pitcher Eddie Plank, and the nearly non existent Joe Doyle “NATL” variation.

A truly stunning T206 relic of immense proportions!

Sherwood Robert Magee

Born: August 6, 1884

Clarendon, PA

Died: March 13, 1929

Philadelphia, PA

Batted: RH

Threw: RH

Position: OF

Career BA: .291


Philadelphia Phillies NL (1904–1914)

Boston Braves NL (1915–1917)

Cincinnati Reds NL (1917–1919)

Considered one of the most underrated players of all time, Sherry Magee could do it all. Known for his great hitting and fielding abilities, he was the National League batting champ in 1910, with a .331 average, and had a total of five .300-plus seasons. He was also the National League RBI leader in four different seasons, and hit 15 home runs on two different occasions, a very difficult feat in that era. With 2,169 hits, 441 stolen bases, and graceful outfield play, he is now being considered for the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee. He toiled in the minors for several years after his MLB career ended, retiring in 1926. Sherry Magee passed away after contracting pneumonia at the age of 44.

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