Zack Wheat (HOF, RC): El Principe De Gales – “Zachariah in the Sky With Diamonds”


PLAYER: Zack Wheat (HOF, RC)

TEAM: Brooklyn Superbas (Modern Day Dodgers)

LEAGUE: National

BACK: El Principe De Gales (20/39)

GRADE: SGC 2.5 G+ – (136) 1776-051




A highly unique example of Brooklyn Superbas Hall Of Fame Outfielder Zack Wheat. The card features the El Principe De Gales advertising reverse (Ranked 20 of 39 in terms of scarcity according to T206 Resource).

This particular example comes from the find known as the “Portland Maine Trove”.

The card clearly had an interesting day at the printing press, with a wild image and a cut resulting in a small portion of Wheat’s name and team being viewable at the top of the card. We call it “Zachariah in the Sky With Diamonds”.


Zachariah Davis Wheat

Born: May 23, 1888 – Hamilton, MO

Died: March 11, 1972 – Sedalia, MO

Batted: LH

Threw: RH

Position: OF

Career BA: .317


Brooklyn Superbas/Dodgers/Robins NL (1909–1926)

Philadelphia Athletics NL (1927)

Zack “Buck” Wheat’s iconic career was just beginning when the T206 set was distributed in 1909, but for the next 17 years he was the face of the Dodgers. His sweet and effortless swing from the left side produced a barrage of vicious line drives throughout his career. Wheat finished in the top five in batting in seven seasons from 1913 to 1925. Starting at the age of 32, when the live ball was introduced, he hit .320 or better for 6 straight years, including 2 years (1923, 1924) when he hit .375. During that span, he also quadrupled his career average of 3 home runs a year. Wheat was so adept at hitting a curveball that John McGraw once ordered his pitchers not to throw him one. The Veterans Committee inducted Zack Wheat into the Hall of Fame in 1959.

An excerpt from the hit book “The T206 Collection – The Players & Their Stories” by Tom & Ellen Zappala. Click HERE to order the SECOND EDITION.