TED Z “Exclusive 12 ” – Red Hindu collection



Here we are presented with an immensely special project assembled by one of the most passionate Monster enthusiasts which we have had the pleasure of working with over the years.  He has deemed the 12 subjects within this group the “Exclusive 12”.

We pose the following question: as a collector of the Monster, which back would you consider to be the rarest, Red Hindu or Old Mill, if we were to place our focus on the following Hall of Fame subjects as our examples; Zack Wheat, John McGraw “glove at hip”, Hugh Duffy.

It is likely that at least a considerable portion of the Monster community may immediately grab for the Red Hindu, as this back is considered to be a true rarity within the set, and an Old Mill is seen far more commonly if placing our focus entirely on the advertising reverse. However, when we are dealing with these particular subjects, the “Exclusive 12”, the rules are to change dramatically. It can be seen very clearly that when dealing in these subjects, the Red Hindu advertising reverse is far more readily available when compared to Old Mill.

While we cannot say precisely what percentage of the Red Hindu population is represented by these twelve subjects, it certainly does appear that it is far greater when compared to the other subjects not in the “Exclusive 12”.

Ted Z has been kind enough to offer his thoughts on this matter:

Featured here are 12 subjects of the 460-only Series of the T206 set.  My research suggests that these twelve T206’s were printed separately from the other subjects in the 460 only series. Therefore, I refer to these T206’s as the ” Exclusive 12 “.

For example, all 12 of these subjects were printed with the rare red HINDU backs. None of the other subjects in this series were printed with this back.

Furthermore, as rare as cards with the red HINDU back are, the red HINDU cards are more available with these Exclusive 12 guys than with the subjects in the 350/460 series (31 cards confirmed to date).