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Welcome to the T206 Society.

We are extremely grateful to share our humble collection with you which we are incredibly honored to be preserving.

My beloved Father Michael and I have worked for over seven years now to assemble our collection.  We have always placed a great emphasis on the rarest of the rare backs, which have proven to offer a challenge which any collector can appreciate. Our greatest thrill has come in the form of preserving Hall of Fame subjects with exotic advertising reverses.

We maintain a strong desire to continue locating these very rare and very special pieces. We can certainly say that the thrill of the chase has greatly fueled our interest in the Monster.


1.)  Bock Hooker (SL) – Brown Old Mill  (PSA A)

2.)  Joe Lake “St. Louis; No Glove” – Brown Lenox  (PSA 4)

3.)  Johnny Evers (HOF) “Chicago” – Broad Leaf 460  (PSA 2)

4.)  Vic Willis (HOF) “With Bat” – Drum  (PSA 3)

5.) Walter Johnson (HOF) “Hands At Chest” – Red Hindu  (PSA 4.5)

6.)  Ty Cobb (HOF) “Bat Off” – American Beauty 460  (PSA 2.5)

7.)  Tris Speaker (HOF, RC) –  Broad Leaf  (PSA 3)

8.)  Christy Mathewson (HOF) “Dark Cap” –  Carolina Brights  (PSA 3)

9.) Cy Young (HOF) “Glove Shows” – Red Hindu  (PSA A)

ON DECK – Hughie Jennings (HOF) “Both Hands Show” – Uzit  (PSA 2)

IN THE HOLE – John McGraw (HOF) “Portrait; Cap” – Lenox  (PSA 2.5)