Terms and Conditions



1.)  In the event that you have found a piece(s) that you wish to purchase or present an offer on please contact us directly at t206society@gmail.com, or click the red “Product Enquiry” button in the listing and we will contact you as soon as possible.

2.)  Once a deal has been finalized you may send payment directly to the T206 Society, which will be held by the T206 Society until you have received your card(s) in the event they are being mailed by the seller and not directly from the T206 Society. Delivery will be confirmed by a tracking number, which is mandatory at the T206 Society.

3.)  Payment may be made via personal check or instant transfer to the direct account of the T206 Society and you will be notified personally by the T206 Society once payment has cleared.

4.)  There will be no Buyers Premium.

Refund Policy

 Refunds will only be issued in extreme circumstances with each situation treated individually based upon the precise circumstances at hand.  For example, if the buyer of a card pays for and receives their item and states that they “changed their mind; found another one; no longer need it” etc., their request for a refund will not be honored under any circumstance. We are happy to answer any and all questions to the very best of our ability prior to any transaction being finalized, however we fully expect our valued members to be respectful in their reasoning for requesting a refund. We will treat every situation with upmost care at all times and we thank you immensely for your understanding.


1.)  If you are interested in selling a piece(s) with the T206 Society you may contact us directly at t206society@gmail.com.

2.)  The process of selling a piece via the T206 Society will require you to submit an inventory list, along with your desired price, as well as quality front and back scans. We cannot stress enough the importance of a quality scan, as this can make all the difference to a prospective buyer. If possible, please send scans at maximum size and quality so that the viewer may get the most detailed look at the card.

3.)  You will not be required to pay anything to the T206 Society unless you have sold a piece(s).


Sellers Fee Structure

The fee charged by the T206 Society will be based upon the amount you sell your  piece(s) for. The fee will be based upon each individual sale.

A consignor will be charged 5% of the final sale price of each card sold via the the T206 Society. However, if you are re-selling a piece which you purchased directly from the T206 Society the fee will be reduced accordingly.



1.)  A seller must determine their shipping cost for each individual listing. The listed and final price of any card should include any shipping fees.

2.)  All items must be shipped safely and securely, the way a T206 deserves to be cared for. A tracking number must be provided to T206 Society as soon as is reasonably possible so that we may send it to the buyer in a prompt manner.

3.) T206 Society will in no way be held responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping.


Chain Of Command

For our most trusted and familiar vendors, we will allow for them to hold and ship their own pieces while the T206 Society will reserve the funds for the seller until the item has arrived safely to the buyer, ensuring protection to all parties.

1.)  Once a buyer has agreed to purchase a piece via the T206 Society the listing will be marked as “Sale Pending”.

2.)  The buyer will send the funds to the T206 Society.

3.)  Once the funds have cleared the T206 Society will contact the seller who may now ship the card to the buyer.

4.)  Once a package has been confirmed as delivered to the buyer the T206 Society will release the funds to the seller (minus the appropriate fees listed above) which will include a full invoice upon request.


Odds And Ends

1.)  T206 Society will be listing our personal pieces, however we will make note of this in every single listing when relevant as to avoid any conflict of interest. (***This Listing Brought To You Courtesy Of T206 Society***)

2.)  While as of 2014 we are now offering raw and ungraded cards due to popular demand please note our previous stance on the issue and understand that our hatred of fraud will always remain and that we will always do our best to keep our members as safe as possible: ”All pieces must be professionally graded, as we will make our very best best attempt to avoid selling any altered or counterfeit cards, which may appear to be genuine to the naked eye. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we feel it is our duty to sell cards which are guaranteed to be authentic and unaltered by a professional grading company and that are clearly marked when they have in fact been altered in any way, and nothing else. At the T206 Society, we are 100% against altering cards in order to deceive a prospective buyer.”

3.)  T206 Society will not quote data from any of the grading companies Population Reports.

4.)  Use of the site and services of T206 Society are “Caveat Emptor”.

5.)  If you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent or guardians permission to conduct business with T206 Society.

6.)  Buyers outside of the United States (lower 48) will be subject to additional shipping and handling fees which will be based on what the post office charges.

7.)  Invoices will be sent via email when requested with paper invoices available upon request as well.

8.)  T206 Society reserves the right to maintain listings/ images of sold/ traded cards which came from the T206 Society collection.

9.)  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if necessary.



 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at t206society@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much. We sincerely hope our time together will be an enjoyable one.