Johnny Evers “Cubs on Shirt” (HOF): Piedmont 150 (SGC 2)

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PLAYER: Johnny Evers (HOF)

VARIATION: With Bat, Cubs on Shirt, Blue Sky

TEAM: Chicago Cubs

LEAGUE: National League

BACK: Piedmont 150 (35/39)

GRADE: SGC 2 G (127) 7138-182

DATE SOLD: November 24, 2013





A solid example of Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame second baseman Johnny Evers. The card features the Piedmont 150 advertising reverse (ranked 35 of 39 in terms of scarcity according to T206 Resource). The card has been professionally graded by SGC and has received a score of 2 G, serial number (127) 7138-182.


Johnny Evers was a huge part of the iconic Chicago Cubs of the 1900′s. He, along with 1B Frank Chance, SS Joe Tinker and 3B Harry Steinfeldt, are considered one of the elite infields in Baseball History. They won back to back World Series in 1907 and 1908. Evers would drive in the winning run in each of the series. The Cubs have not won the World Series since.

Evers was a gifted Second Baseman, and was called “The Crab”, due to his unusual mechanics and movements when going for ground balls. It is said he kept low to the ground when going for the ball, and he would use what some call a “sideways shuffle”. He and Joe Tinker were an elite “up the middle” combination, however it has been said that the two men did not speak to each other for years after getting into a fight over a cab fare. It is rumored that the two came to blows in the clubhouse. They would not speak until just before they would both pass away a short time apart.

Johnny Evers was elected to the Hall Of Fame in 1946, and is one of the most beloved Cubbies in their long history.The Infield Trio of “Tinker, Evers, and Chance” is regarded as one of the truly dynamic groups of their era, and from a defensive perspective, it is said that they truly revolutionized the game.

These are the saddest of possible words:
“Tinker to Evers to Chance.”
Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than birds,
Tinker and Evers and Chance.
Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble,
Making a Giant hit into a double –
Words that are heavy with nothing but trouble:
“Tinker to Evers to Chance.”

“That Double Play Again”
Printed : July 12, 1910
by The “New York Evening Mail”.

“Gotham’s Woe”
Re-Printed : July 15, 1910
by The “Chicago Daily Tribune”.

“Baseballs Sad Lexicon”
Re-Printed : July 18, 1910
by The “New York Evening Mail


(Born: July 21, 1881; Troy, NY – Passed Away: March 28, 1947; Albany, NY)