Danny Murphy “Batting” – Broad Leaf 460 (SGC 1)

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PLAYER: Danny Murphy


TEAM: Philadelphia Athletics

LEAGUE: American

BACK: Broad Leaf 460 (4/39)

GRADE: SGC 1 P (817) 4482-001


An extremely special example of Philadelphia Athletics second baseman Danny Murphy. The card features the Broad Leaf 460 advertising reverse (ranked 4 of 39 in terms of scarcity according to T206 Resource).

Along with Brown Old Mill and Brown Lenox, Broad Leaf 460 is amongst the most elusive and most challenging T206 advertising reverses for a collector to obtain, as there are only a handful to go around for the entire Monster community. It can be said that the rarity of a Broad Leaf 460 is actually comparable to that of the epic Honus Wagner and Eddie Plank cards, illustrating just how special the existence of the piece is.


Daniel Francis Murphy

Born: August 11, 187 - Philadelphia, PA

Died: November 22, 1955 - Jersey City, NJ

Batted: RH

Threw: RH

Position: 2B/OF

Career BA: .289


New York Giants NL (1900–1901)

Philadelphia Athletics AL (1902–1913)

Brooklyn Tip-Tops FL (1914–1915)

 Philadelphia native Danny Murphy spent most of his career playing in his hometown for the Athletics. A stellar second baseman and part-time outfielder, Murphy contributed to five pennant and three Series wins during his tour with the A’s. In 1911, when he was 34 years old, he batted a lofty .329 with 167 hits. He batted over .300 on seven different occasions, the last three times as a part-time player. Murphy was one of those ballplayers who did his job every day with no fanfare and was a credit to the game. After his tour in Brooklyn, Murphy managed the New Haven Murlins in the Eastern League from 1916 to 1919, the first 2 years as player/manager. He then returned to the A’s as coach until 1924.

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